• Save Time With Our Tools

    Renters enjoy the ease of online shopping when finding a home to rent. Search, Apply, Lease and Pay Online from any device. Property owners and managers love the automation for leasing and managing their properties in one system.

  • Grow Your Business

    Do more with less. Through automation and integrated web technology, your team can focus on growing your business instead of administrative tasks. Our affiliate program allows you to leverage additional resources when volume picks up or you want to explore new markets without staffing up.

  • We’re With You At Every Step

    Our automated system will notify and guide you through each step of the process no matter if you are renting or managing a property.

With Rentivity, you save money and get better tenants

How Does It Work?

  • Once registered you can submit an application for renting your new home.
  • After approval, make an offer on that home or any other you’ve qualified for.
  • When your offer is selected, you are notified to complete your lease and payments online.
  • Pick up your keys from one of our agents and get moved in.
  • You can set up recurring rent payments or get a reminder when rent is due and pay online.

Rentivity Features

  • Rental Marketplace
    Shop for your next rental in the Rentivity marketplace of high quality, professionally managed homes.
  • Offer Management
    Your offers and qualifications are all tracked and managed to ensure the leasing process is fair and transparent.
  • Leasing
    View the lease and terms before you pick your home. There are no surprises here, the process is transparent and fully automated.
  • Online Payments
    Enjoy the convenience of making online payments. Say goodbye to cashier checks, money orders and other inconvenient payment requirements.
  • User Portals
    Have access to all the tools you need to manage your rental home though our user portal.


Fully Managed:
We do it all. You provide us the properties and we deposit money into your account each month. It couldn’t be easier. We use our nationwide affiliate network to ensure your properties are managed in the most efficient manner to maximize your profitability.

Use our platform with your team. Improve your team’s productivity with our suite of tools and automation that is customized to support your workflow and business processes.